Head Gardens

Head Gardens is an ongoing series where common urban herbs (weeds) are cultivated in wearable, purpose-designed helmets. They are part of a series of experiments and propositions that address the role of plants in relation to human culture... 

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The Single Family House Rhizom / Das Einfamilienhausrhizom

The Single Family House Rhizome was built in a newly developed area of Heinde, a small village close to the city of Hildesheim in Germany. The project was developed in collaboration with local homeowners. From one of the houses in the neighborhood, a 1,80 m tall ’offshoot’ grows, and appears on the opposite side of the road. Although this offshoot has its own distinct form, the architectural style and color, as well as the standardized building materials, clearly connect it to the initial family house across the road.

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On the Edge of Darkness

On the Edge of Darkness is a row of night-time photographs of urban weeds that are innate to the streets of Amsterdam. Fractured light, which is created with a self-made device, illuminates urban street sceneries of wild growing weeds. Together with the given street lighting, which is frequently a new type of LED lamp, the situations are captured with long-time exposures.

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Des Pudels Kern

In Goethe’s tragedy the evil is trying to seduce a human in order to stay alive. In a certain way the grafted, colourful part of the multiple cactus has a similar, existentialistic problem. The brightly red or yellow tissue can’t survive on its own because it has no chlorophyll. It needs to be attractive to humans who graft it on a normal, green cactus in order supply it with energy and keep it alive…

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Lettuce Field As Big As A Sky-Scraper Building

Directly in front of one of the high-rise buildings in Gropiusstadt, 10,000 lettuce heads were grown on a 1200 m² field. The field mirrored the building, with the exact same shape and expanse as the frontal façade of the fourteen story high building. After a period of 5 weeks the salad heads were fully-grown and ready for consumption. They were distributed to the people living in the neighborhood during a one-week harvest period.

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