Heavenwards / Hemelwaarts

The sculpture “Sint-Begga is protecting a beguine”* and a nearby stain on the street are set in a formal connection to each other. A simplified replica of the stain was resized according to the Sint-Begga sculpture and installed vertically next to it. The strange ‘coincidences’ between the two objects creates a situation that connects the sculpture with its history and meaning in an almost miracle way with the present. It can be considered as a contemporary homage to Sint-Begga’s mystical qualities...

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The Doves

Three white doves are sitting on a traffic light. With every colour appearing on the traffic light a pair of doves- eyes starts glowing powerfully in the same colour, looking down to the drivers.

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The Jesus Construction Site / Die Jesusbaustelle

At first glance this appears to be an ordinary construction site, but taking a closer look, examining Mary's gaze and the cluster of Jesus figures on the ground, this explanation becomes clearly insufficient. The discovered situation appears perplexing and mysterious, existing somewhere between a miscalculated restoration attempt and a biblical miracle of sorts.

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The Rising Dog

A German shepherd dog, standing beside the driver, is riding in a white Mercedes. Suddenly the dog rises through an opening in the car up to the top of the roof. After a little while the dog disappears back in the car...

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