After arriving with a transport vehicle Dick started to unload and build up a group of cardboard images of himself. The cut –out prints have slightly confused and amazed looking facial-expressions and wear the same clothes like the ‘real’ working Dick is wearing. After a total of 32 figures were set up Dick started to reload ‘himself’ back into the transporter.

The performance was carried out on different places in New Delhi, India: Najaf Khan’s tomb 10th of Sept.06, Nehru Place, 12th of Sept.06, Sheik Sarai Community Center, 15th of Sept.06

The work was made during the Artist in residence programm organized by KHOJ Studios: ‘Public Arts Residency August / September 2006

photography: Hemant Sreekumar, Aastha Chauhan, Ali Talpur, Siddhartha Kararwal, Ramesh Bisht


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