The Blinking

An accident seems to have taken place at the Wierdensestraat 2 in Almelo. A car is crashed in the front facade of the former Ledeboer Bank building. The potential driver is absent even though the hazard lights of the damaged vehicle are on. Yet not only the car is blinking...


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Show the flag / Flagge zeigen

Four poles with flags (Europe, Turkey, Germany, Turkish- Islamic Union) are part of the façade of the building at the Bremer Platz 42 in Münster (Germany). It belongs to the Turkish- Islamic Union of the Institute for Religion and hosts different spaces with for example prayer rooms, classrooms and a café. In order to change the situation one of the flagpoles was turned around and pushed into the building where behind a large window the flag of the turned pole was animated with ventilators....

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The Priority Dome / De Voorrangskoepel

The Priority Dome is a permanent installation sited on the roof of Middelzeehuys, a government building in Leeuwarden. The building is home to the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, as well as the Government Service for Land and Water Management. In addition to other tasks, these government departments are primarily responsible for the management of the road network and car traffic of the Netherlands.The sculpture is 11 m in diameter, 6 m high and weighs 8 tons. The surface of the dome consists of 250 (European) standard 'priority road' traffic signs...

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Here / Hier

The window of the medieval city gate that is pointed out by the word ‘hier’ suggests that the selected location may have ‘captured the energy’ of an event with historic importance and therefore, be of interest to the public. But at the same time the appearance of the writing does not match with the official municipal conventions that are used to highlight or present a historical site.

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The Green Car

The Green Car was installed at ‘Hoofdtoren’, in the historic city-centre of Hoorn, Netherlands. Built in the 16th century by the Dutch whaling trade group, Noordsche Compagnie (Northern Company), this defense tower is one of the most important architectural monuments in the city. For the project, the street-side of the building acquired a completely new façade, coated with green lacquer paint. The surface and color matched exactly with an Opel Kadett car which was parked right in front of the building

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At first glance, a little forest seems to have wildly grown between two amateur football fields of the ASV Arsenal in the south of Amsterdam. Upon closer inspection, however, one notices that the trees are artificial, and situated in the middle of this stand of artificial trees is a concrete model (116 x 96 x 30 cm, 300 kg) of a football stadium.

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