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An accident seems to have taken place at the Wierdensestraat 2 in Almelo. A car is crashed in the front facade of the former Ledeboer Bank building.The potential driver is absent even though the hazard lights of the damaged vehicle are on. Yet not only the car is blinking, the entire building that is involved in the collision is also flashing. A repetitive light emanates from all the windows. The same light is displayed from the building and the car with equal synchronicity – a blinking rhythm excludes throughout.

One aspect of The Blinking refers to a sudden perception, a swap, or, a shock. Car drivers travel and deal with a floating suspense between two realities. The primary reality is being in the small private space of their vehicles. It is accompanied by the disconnected, flowing reality of the outside landscape that they are passing by. The relation and the meaning of these two realities changes drastically as soon as the car hits an obstacle in the landscape. This extreme change of perception is part of the psychological impact of a sudden accident.

This temporary work was made 2016 in the scope of the MAFF - Media Art Flow Festival, Almelo (Netherlands). Later on it was shown at the Voorkamer in Lier (Belgium, 2016) and the Amstersdam Light Festival (Netherlands, 2017/18) 


Photography / video: Yvo van Ravenswaaij and Helmut Dick










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