A German shepherd dog, standing beside the driver, is riding in a white Mercedes. Suddenly the dog rises through an opening in the car up to the top of the roof. After a little while the dog disappears back in the car. 

The work was made to join in ordinary traffic situations of everyday city life. It appeared (among others) in the streets of Amsterdam, The Hague (The Netherlands), Graz (Austria), Lier (Begium), Helsinki (Finland) and Bochum (Germany). It was made in the scope of the 'Prix de Rome' at the Rijksakademie Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The work was shown in the following exhibitions (selection): + GEM - Museum for Contemporary Art ,The Hague: ‘Prix de Rome‘ (Netherlands 2003) 
+ Bonner Kunstverein: ‘Bon direct‘ (Germany 2003)
 + Forum Stadtpark, Graz: ‘Manipulation. Kunst, auch für demokratische...’ (Austria 2004) 
+ MUU Galleria, Helsinki: ‘Direct Exposure’ (Finland 2004)
 + Museum Bochum: ‘Und es bewegt sich doch...’ (Germany 2006) 

photography: Jessica Lerchert, Jannes Linders, Helmut Dick



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