Plants: Plantago major (Greater plantain), Geranium robertianum (Red robin), Conzya Canadensis (Canadian horseweed), Poa annua (Annual meadow grass), Utrica dioica (Stinging nettle), Hypericum perforatum (Perforate St John's-wort)

In the scope of Head Gardens common urban herbs (weeds) are cultivated in wearable, purpose-designed helmets.
Some of the chosen plants have a long history within medicinal practices and others are new to European habitats – invasive species (neophytes).

Against the background of an increasingly changing environment alongside recent studies about plant life, this project touches on a rising awareness that leads towards a new understanding and culture of rituals, adorations, forms of therapy and activism.

 A part of the series was shown in the scope of the KRASJ Biennale edition 2018 in Ninove, Belgium. 



photography Helmut Dick 

special thanks to: Lida Ladwig, Belle Phromchanya, Alnordys Perez Montero, Suzanne Eelman, Jeppe Goede, Stefan Schäfer, Dion Rosina


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