Plants (in order of appearance): Berteroa incana (Hoary alyssum), Galium mollugo (Hedge bedstraw), Clematis vitalba (Old man's beard), Scrophularia nodosa (Common figwort)

The project Beard Prosthesis includes in total 4 four fictive, evolving plant-human hybrids. Starting points of the works are perfectly fitting prosthesis, especially made for each person. Beside thermally shaped acryl glass the prostheses are made out of different plant inflorescences (collected in the fall/ winter season). The plant parts were chosen according to the phenotypic characteristics of the participating humans; in the first place the color and consistence of their hair. The titles of the works are referring to botanical name – giving. The ‘x’ in scientific names of plants stands for a hybrid.

  1. ‘Angel x Galium mollugo’
  2. ‘Linde x Berteroa incana’
  3. ‘Eva x Clematis vitalba’
  4. ‘M. x Scrophularia nodosa’


photography Helmut Dick 

special thanks to: Eva Klein, Angel Lohr, M. , Linde Ruigrok van Werven





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