Plants: Plantago major (Greater plantain), Geranium robertianum (Red robin), Conzya Canadensis (Canadian horseweed), Poa annua (Annual meadow grass), Utrica dioica (Stinging nettle), Hypericum perforatum (Perforate St John's-wort)

Head Gardens are part of a series of experiments and propositions that address the role of plants in relation to human culture. A core focus is how to use this ‘life form’ in our thinking and in our present day acting in order to express and characterize ourselves. This is also considered in relation to the complex philosophical concerns of nature and the living.

Against the background of an increasingly changing environment alongside recent studies about plant life, this project touches on a rising awareness that leads towards a new understanding and culture of rituals, adorations, forms of therapy and activism. Head Gardens is an ongoing series where common urban herbs (weeds) are cultivated in wearable, purpose-designed helmets. Some of the chosen plants have a long history within medicinal practices and others are new to European habitats – invasive species (neophytes).

 A part of the series was shown in the scope of the KRASJ Biennale edition 2018 in Ninove, Belgium. 



photography Helmut Dick 

special thanks to: Lida Ladwig, Belle Phromchanya, Alnordys Perez Montero, Suzanne Eelman, Jeppe Goede, Stefan Schäfer, Dion Rosina