33 Helmut Dicks visiting New Dehli

After arriving with a transport vehicle Dick started to unload and build up standing cardboard images of himself. The cut –out prints have slightly confused and amazed looking facial-expressions and wear the same clothes like the ‘real’ working Dick is wearing. After a total of 32 figures were set up Dick started to reload ‘himself’ back into the transporter…

A German shepherd dog, standing beside the driver, is riding in a white Mercedes. Suddenly the dog rises through an opening in the car up to the top of the roof. After a little while the dog disappears back in the car.

With his helmet on, a motorcyclist walks down the street. He appears as if he would only make a short stop, while his motorbike is parked somewhere around the corner. His helmet is completely covered with dead flies...

A typical German taxi (an ivory –white Mercedes), fully occupied with three human skeletons, drove around in the German city Essen. Following the main traffic routes, the taxi passed by stations, taxi-stands and other places where customers wait for taxis.

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