Architectural Interventions

An accident evidently exists at the Wierdensestraat 2 in Almelo. A car is crashed in the front facade of the former Ledeboer Bank building. The potential driver is absent even though the hazard lights of the damaged vehicle are on. Yet not only the car is blinking...


 Meaningful Moments in Unspectacular Places is a subtle deformation of the basically functional arranged urban space around a tram stop in Amsterdam. This ordinary location is connected with the very intimate and for the involved persons often very intense and meaningful activity of French kissing.
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33 Helmut Dicks visiting New Dehli After arriving with a transport vehicle Dick started to unload and build up standing cardboard images of himself. The cut –out prints have slightly confused and amazed looking facial-expressions and wear the same clothes like the ‘real’ working Dick is wearing. After a total of 32 figures were set up Dick started to reload ‘himself’ back into the transporter…
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Video Works

In the ‘warm food’ compartments there seems to be a mix up with a terrarium. A greenish red frog with black spots is jumping around a similar looking croquette...
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The series is a row of night photos of urban weeds/herbs made in the streets of Amsterdam. Special light effects (made with a self-made device) were projected on street sceneries with wild growing herbs. The resulting compositions were photographed with long time exposure. The different meanings of the light in this series plays a very interesting role: beside the simple fact that plants feed on it the illumination in the photos becomes a sort of aura of the plants that refers to visualization of divine powers in religious painting like halos or glorioles or other forms of light phenomenon.
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